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GlobalTestMarket: Best Survey Website For Indians
Published By buroo on 2012-10-06 4402 Views

India is a country with a huge population and with the downside market trends, tumultuous economy, soaring unemployment and less job security, more and more people are searching for multiple ways of earning every day. With the spread of Internet across the length and breadth of the country now online earning has come out as one such good option. The problem is that the numbers of online job seekers are getting bigger by the day and with more and more sites catering to members of targeted countries the available legitimate jobs are becoming saturated slowly. Things will come to such a pass soon when people without specific skills will find it very hard to earn on Internet, particularly from low-tier countries in the search engine rankings like India. Also the fact that many sites on Internet end up being a Scam doesnt help the cause of those intending to earn from Internet. As a result many people lose their time and money behind these Scam sites and ultimately paint a doom and gloom picture in their perception about Internet earning prospects. But all is certainly not lost on Internet for sure and amid all the bitter pills one had to swallow here, there is also good news, good news about honest sites that provide earning opportunities to everybody, including Indians. So online earning opportunities are certainly still available for Indians and among the most popular ways of earning online, earnings from paid surveys are definitely a good one. Sadly there is a lot of misinformation available on Internet, sometimes deliberately implanted to misguide people towards scam or unproductive survey sites. Based on my own personal experience as someone who has done surveys for years and has been associated with numerous survey sites, which even includes scam sites, I rate GlobalTestMarket as the best survey site available currently for Indians. Ill explain the reason behind rating GlobalTestMarket as the best, better than any other survey site Ive come across so far. Here Id like to add that GlobalTestMarket doesnt cater only to Indians but members from 48 more countries as well right now. Also Id like to add that they are not in the field of market research just from yesterday but since 1999. So that might give you an idea of their longevity. To begin with, GlobalTestMarket pays the best amount per survey to Indians than what they can get in any other survey site. In any other survey site youd earn at best up to one dollar for a 15-30 minute survey, if you qualify for it. On GlobalTestMarket you are awarded about 30-40 MarketPoints for a 15-30 minute survey, which is basically 1.50-2$ (1 MarketPoint = 5 cents). There are much high return surveys of longer duration that can give you up to 180 MarketPoints even. Not only that but the great thing about GlobalTestMarket is that they award 5 MarketPoints to every member for any screened out survey, I am yet to receive even one-fifth of that amount from any other survey site for a screened out survey. Thus it shows that GTM respects your online time, while many other survey sites just have taken it for granted! The payout of GTM is 50$ and they pay by way of issuing a check of the equivalent redeemed amount converted to INR (Indian Rupee) for Indians, mailed to the respective mailing address after a period of 4-6 weeks of making the redemption request. The conversion rate is much better than what Paypal gives Indians and youd get your check for sure, provided your mailing address is correctly entered in the site. I can vouch for this one as I myself have got one payment of 50$ last year and is very close to getting my second payment. If you compare it with any other survey site that pays Indians honestly then it is a complete mismatch.

Such sites either pay you through gift vouchers, which gives you limited options (actually those sites even earn commissions from the stores where such vouchers could be encashed), or through Paypal with an inferior conversion rate. One thing is though common with GlobalTestMarket and other survey sites paying Indians, all of them will send limited surveys to Indians or for that matter members of any other country that is not an advertiser hub. Still if you figure in the target group of most surveys then your chances of hitting the target will be much more compared to majority of your compatriots. You also need to check your email regularly for survey invitations, at least once a day, and also keep your profile surveys updated to make the best of your available opportunity at GTM. Some surveys are just like hotcakes and if you are late to respond then itd go to some other person eagerly waiting for it. So the bottom line is that all of the above-mentioned reasons make GlobalTestMarket my best option as far as survey sites are concerned and Im pretty sure that itd be the same with other fellow Indians also. Regarding the other survey sites, Id like to tell you that you should operate with extreme caution, while working on such sites as some of them have very much dubious reputation. It is not only a clear-cut scam case, you could be denied the returns of your duly completed surveys without giving any valid reason or provided a gift voucher that turns out to be invalid later on being produced for encashment (these are my personal bitter experiences and not hearsay). So choose GlobalTestMarket today if you are an Indian and intend to earn from paid surveys. .
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